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“Do I Love God?” is Esther Ademiju first book. 

About Book:  “Do I Love God?” is a book that was birthed during a season of disobedience in Esther Ademiju’s life. She came to realize what it means to truly love God. Love goes beyond word, feelings, and thoughts. Love is an action. In a world where the word “I love you” is easily mentioned whether it is meant or not, we must pause to considered what that really entails when we say, “I love God.” Do we really love God? What does it mean to love God? Is it enough to just talk about your love for God? Reading this book will help you to confidently say you love God and live it. It will help you to start living in obedience to God’s words and commands. For His commands are not burdensome and perfect love shows its self in willful action. My prayer is that you are able to rearrange the words, “Do I Love God?” into “I do love God” Confidently. No question mark needed. God Bless

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