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Eternally loved

It’s a new month and it an opportunity for a new beginning. But how do you start a new beginning with an old, static and negative mindset of who you are?
So, this video is an encouragement for someone out there. If you feeling invisible, you feel like a nobody and it seems like everyone else is prospering and important in one way or the other and you are not. Dear, I want you to know and understand that is a BIG LIE from the pit of hell. You are SOMEBODY. My God NEVER waste his time making a NOBODY. He didn’t create you just to feel space and exist in one corner or hole. You have a PURPOSE with your name on it. You have an ASSIGNMENT you must accomplish here on earth and you must understand who you are to fulfill this.
So darling, check out this video and I pray that it blesses you. I want you to embrace who you are and start fulfilling those dreams and purposes.

God bless you

Esther Ademiju

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