Our History

God deals with us PROGRESSIONALLY.

You do not have to see and understand the whole vision and purpose to take action. Just take one step at a time and obey with faith. God will progressionally make the vision clearer to you.

Below is how the purpose of Growing God’s Eternal Family ministry has unfolded. This is shared to keep you informed about the ministry and also to encourage you to see how God can and will unfold the purpose of our lives and whatever he has told us to do.



January – Esther Ademiju, founder of Growing God’s Eternal Family (GGEF) decided to start a blog because she was inspired by one of her close friend’s inspirational and lifestyle blog. However, she did not know what to blog about. She conducted different researches about blogs and possible blog ideas but she could not decide on anything. At church on a fateful Sunday, as she listened to the sermon, she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write about God. A Christian blog.

August – After many delays mostly because she could not come up with a name for the blog, she finally named the blog, “Esther Ademiju” and started it. The first blog post was published on August 25, 2016.

The tagline and vision of the blog was to grow God’s eternal family.

December – Esther also started her Youtube channel, “Esther Ademiju” where she still occasionally shares God’s word and encouragement when she’s not writing or blogging. Check it out.


June – The name of the blog was changed from “Esther Ademiju” to “Growing God’s Eternal Family.” The tagline became the main name of the blog. After God made Esther understand that the blog is bigger than her and it’s not about her. GGEF is about no singular person but God and His family. We are ultimately decreasing so God can increase. We are losing our lives so we can find it in Christ.

August – GGEF celebrated its first anniversary and Esther released her first book, “Do I Love God?

November – GGEF podcast was started and the first episode was released on Soundcloud.


March – GGEF gained more Spirit-filled authors and contributors to share more of God’s word and encourage others.


The blog and ministry continued to grow. Esther was also able to actually pen down the mission and vision of the ministry as the Lord gave her more understanding. Check it out. She ran with this mission and continued sharing God’s word as inspired.

March The GGEF Podcast was re-vamp and made available on more platforms such as apple podcast, Spotify and anchor. Check it out.

December – Esther Ademiju started one of the most challenging and important series on the blog, “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”. You should check it out.


January – The mission and vision of the ministry were made even clearer and updated. God is progressional in his dealings with us. We are growing the eternal family of God spiritually and in members. Check out our mission and vision for more understanding.

July/August – The Gospel of Christ Jesus series was completed and compiled into an e-book format. Check it out.

Be Encouraged and Instructed

This ministry started with a girl who simply wanted to blog for fun and as a hobby. But somehow God changed the trajectory and it has grown into more than she could even think or imagine. Growing God’s Eternal Family ministry is a gift that keeps on giving.

What had God put on your mind and heart? Set out and do it.

It does not have to be perfect. But if you do not start now, there will be nothing to reflect upon, learn from or celebrate in the future. Nations are waiting for your obedience.