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God’s love is not far but close. You and I are His arms of love to one another here on earth.


GROWING GOD’S ETERNAL FAMILY (GGEF) is an online non-denominational Christian ministry that started in 2016 as a personal blog of Esther Ademiju. She started this blog out of a passion for sharing God’s Word and bringing more people into His family. However, God revealed to her that He is set to do something great through this ministry. Thus, this blog went from being personal to being about God, His Family, and His love.


To grow the eternal family of God in obedience to the great commission as we obey His command to love others. We are passionate about showing the world that God’s love is dynamic in dealings and revelation although it’s all centered on the giving of His son, Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to bring each one in the world into the family of God while encouraging, fellowshipping and equipping the ninety-nine who are already in the family of God. To do this we must keep God first and let His love and love for others be our priority. We are Jesus’s hands and feet to the world and to the church. 

God is willing to bring his love closer to us than we could ever imagine.

And He is using you and me for this purpose.

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us _ 1 John 4:12

GGEF is about no one but God and His family. We are ultimately decreasing so God can increase. We are losing our lives so we can find it in Christ.


To be God’s love to others (the ninety-nine and the one).

We are presently pushing forward with this vision through the sharing of the Gospel and God’s word with others. 

We believe the gospel is the greatest news. This news will literally change people’s lives, bring them into the light and truth, open them to a wonderful relationship with Abba (God), get them living in His purpose for their lives and most importantly spend eternity with God in His kingdom.

We are currently sharing the word & gospel through our blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and books. Our topics range from truths in God’s word, Bible study, Salvation invitation, Encouraging and inspirational articles to Real daily life issues.

We hope to push forward with this vision in the future as God leads and directs us in dynamic ways to be His love to others. 


Eternal Family

God’s family is eternal. It has no end and we are bounded by his spirit in love


Jesus is the center of it all. He is the head and husband of the Church. We are His ambassadors.


We are receivers of God’s grace and extenders of His grace to others

Love and Truth

We love first. Then sharing the truth in love follows


Our faith is in God and His word & promises. We can’t please God without faith


We believe in Hope, for hope is our anchor for eternal life. It is what keeps us going despite the persecutions and sufferings. It increases our endurance.

Unity, Fellowship & Relationship

We as a family must stand united. Together we are Better. (Hebrews 10:25).


God and others come first.


We are ministers in God’s vineyard. His hands & feet’s to the world. Willing vessels for His service.


We encourage others to continue in the good works they’ve been called to do


We are preaching the gospel with our lives, our words, and our works.


We enjoy it all, to the glory of the Father



Do you want to be a part of what God is doing and set to do through GGEF?

You can start by simply sharing GGEF’s articles with someone.

You can also join our writing and contributor team, click here.

May God bless you as you extend and be God’s love to others.


To read more in-depth about how this ministry started, click here

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