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One of my hobbies is watching movies, especially Korean movies. The likes of “Doctors”, “Jumong”, “Medical passion”, “I am not a robot”.etc. I am a big fan and I dream of visiting Korea some day. My way of knowing when a Korean seasonal movie is about coming to an end is when I begin to see clips from the production of the movie, which we also know as – Behind the scenes. One will think that what they do behind the scenes is having fun and nothing serious. But with my little experience from acting, I know so well that the product of a good movie is a result of the hard work put in place behind the scenes. It could be time-consuming, breathtaking, etc but they still keep up with it until they get a desirable result.

The reality of life is synonymous to a seasonal movie, each month represents an episode while each year represents a season with a definite end. Life is filled up with contents (either good or bad). Then I said to myself – “If life is like a movie, I shouldn’t live life like a joke”. We can choose to live life as a mere passerby or choose to produce positive result out of life.

The product of a good movie is a result of the hard work put in place behind the scenes.

It is easy to get yourself a life partner and feel like you have made the wrong choice at the long run but it is hard to wait upon the Lord for instructions about your life partner and get the best choice.

It is easy to have a business idea you feel you can handle on your own, then you face challenges but it is hard to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you on.

You can ask men for help and get disappointed but you can ask God for help and see Men rise to your to aid.

Not all that is easy came easy and not all that is hard can’t be made easy; it all depends on what we can do behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of Abraham’s success was his total obedience to instructions from God which started when he had to leave his own country (Genesis 12:1).

Behind the scenes of the successful leadership of Moses began from the burning bush (Exodus 3:2) and his continuous communication with God.

Behind the scenes of the release of Paul and Silas from the prison was the amount of time they spent praying and singing all through the night (Acts 16:25-26).

Behind the scenes of the successful ministry of Jesus began with a forty days and forty night fasting and praying (Matthew 4:2).

Your prayer room, worship room, quiet space, etc., could be your own behind the scenes. How often do you visit there? How patient are you to listen?

We all want to be successful like this person or that person. But we are not ready to put in the work behind the scenes. 

Behind the scenes takes discipline and time.

Hebrews 12:11, “No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening–it’s painful! But afterward, there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.”

So, what are you working on right now and you are thinking of quitting? I implore you to stay in it (of course, unless God told you to leave it) and stay the course. Keep pushing and pressing.

And what has the Lord called and impressed on your heart to do but you are reluctant because you don’t want to go through the process that you already foresee to be difficult? I implore you to get to work. Get started. 

Behind the scenes can be hard but it is the hard moments that make the most fun memories later on. Moments you look back on and smile. Moments that turn into inspiring stories and testimonies.

Everything truly beautiful went through a pressing time. Golds do, diamonds do and you are even worth more than those, so why do you think you will be exempted?

Bear in mind that the pressing of you behind the scenes will produce the oil for your light and shine in the public. 

So, what you waiting for?

Stop living on social media, leave all those garbage and naysays, get behind the scene and get to work. 

Spend quality time in God’s presence and let the Holy Spirit be the director of your life movie. Embrace the prunings and the pressings He makes you go through. You’ll thank Him later. And you might even volunteer to go through them again. Hahaha. 

Have a beautiful week. Get behind the scenes. God Bless.


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Author: Ifedolapo Ajakaiye

My name is Ifedolapo Ajakaiye.I am a Nurse.First child/daughter of three; married to my muse(Pharm. Ajakaiye Kehinde) and blessed with a Son (Ethan Ajakaiye).I am God's special own and Saved by HIS grace...

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