If I Perish, I Perish

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I wonder how many truths have gone unsaid because we were scared of what people will say or react. I wonder how many ideas, dreams, and goals have gone unfulfilled because we were scared it wouldn’t turn out well, so we didn’t bother to start.
I wonder. I wonder. I wonder…

If only we will make Esther an example.
She was also afraid. She had a lot of fears. She could have died if things didn’t work out.
But she did it anyway.
She was encouraged by the words of Mordecai, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)
Perhaps you were simply born for such as time as this.

Esther decided that helping her people was more important than pleasing the King of Persia.
“If I perish, I perish,” said Esther.
What a daring word to say.
We would rather disobey God than lose this life forgetting that He holds the key to our lives. We are ALIVE because God WILLS. Yet we cling to our lives like we own it.

“If I perish, I perish.”
What this resolve, Esther went before the king.
But you know what?
She didn’t go alone.
God went with her. In fact, He went ahead of her.

All she had to do was move.
Will I move? Will you move?
Knowing fully well that God is with us (Emmanuel) and directs our lives.
Even if we indeed perish, at least we did while doing the right thing and bringing glory to God.
Isn’t that the reason for our existence anyways.

So, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, what has Gold told or put on your heart to do but you are sitting on due to fear?
Why don’t you let the lives of people like Esther, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, Abraham, Stephen, Paul, etc. encourage and inspire you today. #MOVE

God Bless

You are Eternally Loved

Author: Esther Ademiju

Esther Ademiju is founder and teacher of Growing God's Eternal Family. She is gifted with the ability to teach God’s word with simplicity yet undiluted to His people. Her passion is to teach God’s word, share His love & bring the good news to as many as He enables her to reach. Aside from sharing God's word, Esther is a proud nurse and very passionate about caring for others.​

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