Our Vision

Our vision is to be God’s love to others (the ninety-nine and the one).

How do we intend to be God’s love to others?


  1. Sharing of the Gospel.

One of the key ways we show our love to others is by sharing the gospel (the greatest good news) with them. This is the news that will literally change their lives, bring them into the light and truth, open them to a wonderful relationship with Abba (God) and most importantly get to spend eternity with God in His kingdom.

We are currently sharing the word & gospel through our blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and books. Our topics range from truths in God’s word, Bible study, Salvation invitation, Encouraging and inspirational articles to Real daily life issues.


I was at work at the Evanosky’s that certain night and the Lord just downloaded this on me.

  1. Eternal Family Outreach ministry
  1. Eternal Family Hospitals & Medical Missions

Providing free healthcare through God’s provision.

  1. Eternal Family Home

It’s not an orphanage or a shelter, it is a home. For people from all areas of life. The homeless, orphan, abused, rejected, etc. We want you to come in and feel God’s amazing love in the comfort of His Family.

NOTE: This is the vision God has given this ministry concerning what He is set to do through us. And we are believing it all to be manifested by faith in His glorious promises and power.